Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Text Statistics Project

Hello World Again,

This week I got distracted from the project I've been plowing away on (an app for the Jones Institute), and spent a few minutes on a text statistics mac app.

A little background:
Earlier this week Mr. Warden told me his wife is a medical transcripionist, and she is paid by the typed line, with lines that have no text being excluded.  So he needed a computer program/text editor that can determine how many blank lines are in the text.  He said after conciderable searching, he couldn't find any Mac apps that count the number of blank lines in the text.  This didn't surprise me because it is a little bit of a wired metic to measure.

So, I decided to play around with some code that would count the number of blank lines.  It ended up taking me about 20 minutes to have a Mac app scrapped together that gets the job done.  And the majority of that 20 minutes was figuring out what how to work with a Mac app, as opposed to the iOS apps I'm much more familiar with (they're mostly the same [the same language], but there are also many differences).

Going Forward:
I now have to decide whether or not to put the app on the store.  My dilemma is it is a very simple app with a very limited usefulness for a small set of people:

- Learn Mac Development through finishing the project
- Learn the process of publishing a Mac App (as opposed to an iOS App)
- Publish my first Mac App!

- Have to get credentials as a Mac Developer (at the moment, I only have them for iOS), which will cost me $99/year
- For an app this simple, with such limited applications, is all this really worth it (Afterall, I can always just send the hacked together version to Mr. Warden)

I'm leaning towards publishing, but still very much undecided.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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PS - Next week I'll be getting back to the Jones Institute app.