Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lately... November 6th

Hello Again,

Here is a quick update on what I've been working on lately:

  • I've started a project with the Jones institute, which would become an app for pregent women in the Jones hospital system
  • I've also been researching bluetooth technology.  I want to invent a product that could revolutionize child safety, and I think bluetooth is a great medium for this.  However, I've found bluetooth is not ubiquitously understood, and can at times be hard to understand.  So I've been doing quite a bit of studying into how the protocols, and hand-shaking works.  Something that is likely going to be my most difficult project to date, but quite possibly the most rewarding.  More info to follow
Smaller, less time intrusive, projects:
  • Studied some of the new API's in iOS 6 via Ray Wenderlich's new book
  • Some work on connecting a Parse based backend to a website, in order to facilitate a technological approach for the CHCS Academic Team
  • Some updates to the Cape Henry App
  • A basic mac app to get my feet wet.  I had never done Mac programming before.
  • Worked with 6th Grader JR, on submitting his first iPad app to the Apple App Store

Future Projects:
  • I'm very interested in building a physical Tetris game.  So interested, I think I'm going to start shopping for parts.  It would be a rather large build, plus a fairly complex programming task.  However, I found some great starting points online.