Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept. 18th - 21st

Hi again, this week was an interesting one.  With the unveiling of iOS 6, I did some reading on the new APIs; particularly the social API's and Passbook.  The passbook tutorial was great.  Now I'm really excited to build some passes!

I also built my first Mac App.  I followed one of the terrific tutorials from Ray Wenderlich, who runs an amazing site.  The tutorial I followed is available here.  I only got through part one, but hopefully next week, time permitting, I'll do some more.  I'd like to learn more about mac apps in general, as the bulk of my skill is in iOS.

Finally, I worked a new project for Chris Herren.  After speaking with him this weekend, I wrote a proposal, and talked it over via conference call with his staff.  Once they have return the updated proposal to me, I'll be set to get started.

- Andrew