Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello World

Hello World!

My name is Andrew Rosenblum and I'm a high school Senior in Virginia.  This is my first post on my blog that will accompany me through my journey in Hardware & software engineering.  Throughout the year I will undertake a variety of projects encompassing mostly iOS and Arduino development.

My first project will be to enter the $10 African Robot Challenge, which will require me to build an education themed robot for approximately $10.  The idea stems from students in Africa who already use expensive lego robot kits.  These kits cost $280, which means most districts can only afford one kit., which must be shared among the various classes in multiple schools.  So in order to make technology more ubiquitous in African education, the challenge is to build a $10 robot.  For the prototype version I will build, I'm allowed a maximum budget of $100 (and from my planning I'm squeezing pennies under this limit).

I'm planning on building a simple math game/primitive Gameboy for use by younger children to learn simple arithmetic.  This game will follow the general idea of an iOS app I've already created called Math Player (from which I plan on stealing some of the code I've already written - Oh the power of C programming languages!).

This project will be my primary focus for the first few weeks of this class because the robot is due September 15th!

Once this project is completed, I have a slew of other ideas to explore, including

  • An update to the Cape Henry App
  • A unified database for Cape Henry to track Community Service
  • A stock Market Game App (to improve upon the Virginia Economic Education Council's website
  • A Chris Skinner App
  • An Arduino based Jeopardy style Game Controller
  • Explore the possibilities of Arduino/iOS connections (both wired and wireless)
  • An iOS/Arduino controlled car
This list is a great starting point as I go forward in this class.

I hope to keep this blog updated at least once every week.